A career, not just a job...

Growth and innovation are key to our success and this includes the growth of our employees. We hire people for careers, not just jobs. Supporting and promoting staff is top priority. Many of our key staff have come from entry level positions and used their skills and knowledge to grow with the company.

You manager will work with you to develop a career plan that meets your personal career goals while contributing to the company’s current and future growth.

  • Investment in both personal and professional development
  • Access to 5000 high-quality, on-demand courses
  • Ability to self direct learning
  • Funded study and memberships programme
  • Internal mentoring and buddy systems
  • Hybrid learning models

Supporting New Zealand Youth

Ricoh is a proud supporter of Cadet Max, an employment programme for youth receiving financial support who are seeking job opportunities with great employers!

In their words...

Tom Harding

Digital Marketing Specialist

Joined: July 2017, Location: Auckland

I’ve had a very positive experience working for Ricoh. They have proved good on their word when it comes to innovation and listening to their staff. There is a real ethos of improvement and a willingness to try something new to make the business better.

420 employees in Six main locations across NZ along with 16 other dealerships.