February 20, 2018

Ricoh named among the world’s 50 most innovative companies

USA Today published the findings of the patent research company, IFI Claims Patent Services and 24/7 Wall St. regarding the “most innovative companies in the world.” These two organizations evaluated the many thousands of patents granted last year to determine the top 50 innovative companies, each with at least 700 patents granted in 2017.

Ricoh was proudly included in this list of innovation leaders, alongside other major organisations such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Apple.

Ricoh comes in at number 30 on the list – ahead of the likes of Sharp, Xerox, Kyocrea and HP – with 1,145 patents granted in 2017. This ranking highlights Ricoh’s commitment to continued innovation in the search for ways to better serve our customers and it is an important message as we continue our transformation to a services company.

Being granted more than 1,000 patents in a single year is nothing new to Ricoh – we also achieved this milestone in 2016 – but it is exciting to receive recognition from one of the world’s major newspapers. This represents excellent visibility for the Ricoh brand. USA Today has a daily print circulation of 191,719, and its website receives 36.8 million unique visitors per month.

Categories: Innovation