January 25, 2018

Ricoh Big Green Day Out 2017

Ricoh NZ made a triumphant return to Motuihe Island on Sunday, 24 September, the first time since 2013, for the Ricoh Big Green Day Out.

Around 120 staff, clients and family members gathered at Auckland’s Ferry Terminal at 8am for the 40-minute ride to the island. After morning tea and a briefing from the Motuihe Island Preservation Trust volunteers, we made the 40-minute walk to ‘Ricoh Valley’.

For those returning staff—Ricoh first started replanting the valley in 2004—it was heartening to see just how established the valley has become and for the newcomers, it was a great to witness a tangible example of Ricoh’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

During this trip we managed to plant the 20,000th tree, a major milestone for all of us and a landmark for what has been achieved and what is still to come.

Tired, muddy, sporting a few gorse-bush scratches but ultimately buoyed by what we had accomplished, we made our way back to the beach for a welcome BBQ lunch and one or two cold beverages.

The return ferry trip gave us time to nurse a few tired limbs but also time to share a few laughs with new friends and colleagues and to contemplate our return to Motuihe Island and Ricoh Valley.

Categories: Community, Sustainability